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Vacuum Sealer Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine

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  • Vacuum Sealing :The vacuum sealer machine ensures that your food stays fresh for longer periods by removing air from the packaging.

  • Heat Sealing :The heat sealer film provides a tight seal, preventing any leaks or spills during storage.

  • Food Packet Organizer :The machine can be used to organize food packets, making it easy to store and access your favorite snacks.

  • Kitchen Tool :This tool is a must-have for any kitchen, making it easy to store and package food items.

  • Built-in Cutter :The vacuum sealer comes with a built-in cutter that makes it easy to cut bags without the need for a separate tool.

  • Bag Storage :The vacuum sealer has a bag storage compartment, allowing you to store bags for future use.

  • Sous Vide Cooking :The vacuum sealer is perfect for sous vide cooking, allowing you to vacuum seal food and cook it at a low temperature for an extended period of time.

  • Easy to Use :The vacuum sealer is easy to use, simply insert the food, seal the bag, and use the vacuum sealer to remove the air.


  1. The vacuum+sealing preservation time is long, and various delicacies are stored. The meat and vegetables are stored separately, and the refrigerator does not cross tastes
  2. Separate sealing, energy saving, low consumption, high efficiency, unlimited volume of food materials
  3. Wide scope of application: cereals, meat, snacks, etc

Product description:

Product Name: Vacuum Sealer

Color box size: 37.2*7*8.5CM

Packaging weight: 0.64KG

Power: 90W

Packaging size: 37.3*8.5*7cm

Material: ABS engineering plastics