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Vacuum food vacuum Sealer

Vacuum food vacuum Sealer

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Vacuum food vacuum cleaner LP-11 is an extremely functional and practical device that is useful in every home. By using this device you can easily secure food and extend its shelf life. Vacuum packaging is a natural method of preserving food that allows you to preserve the nutritional value of food and products and preserve its taste. Hermetically packed milk is protected against airborne flecks and microorganisms. This is important for products that can break down quickly. Operation of the welding machine is extremely simple and takes place using a few buttons that allow selection of individual operating modes.

Vacuum packed: food to be frozen, meat and meats, vegetables and fruits, fish, cheese, dishes prepared for later and other products, not only food,


Advantages of vacuum food packaging:

  • Food products are protected against bacteria and mold,
  • Products stay healthy longer, maintain their nutritional value and their taste,
  • The food does not dry up and is no longer suitable for consumption,
  • Vacuum welding helps you plan and manage your purchases better,
  • Allows for a 5-time extension of the date of consumption of products.


Tips for vacuum food packaging:

  • The best results you can achieve in the case of vacuum packaging of fresh food,
  • Cooking, thawing and heating in water packed with vacuum allows you to preserve the taste of dishes and helps maintain cleanliness,
  • If any food deteriorates - vacuum packaging may delay this process, but it will never stop it,
  • Vacuum-packed foods can be heated by immersion and heated in warm water (the water temperature can not exceed 75 ° C),
  • When heating vacuum-packed dishes using a microwave oven, always sack a few bags in order to let the hot air escape.

In the case of packing meat and fish, it is recommended to put the food first for 1-2h in the freezer - this will allow to bind the juices naturally present in the food, and will also keep its shape.

Before vacuum packaging of vegetables, it is recommended to blanch them - this will stop the enzymes that may lead to loss of taste, color and structure.

Finished products are recommended to be vacuum packed in their original packaging - this will prevent the product particles from entering the product with the sucked air into the packaging machine, which may even prevent proper vacuum packaging.