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SpinMaid is rechargeable, cord-free and will clean for approximately one hour using one charge, is gentle enough for hardwood and laminate surfaces, and it is perfect for those that suffer from joint pain.

With Spin Maid you won’t need to hassle with battery power, special liquid refills, or disposable refills. Keep a container of your top choice cleaner handy and merely spray the region where you want it to completely clean. Whether you are deep cleaning or just carrying out a fundamental maintenance to remove dust and footprints the choice of cleaning pads is yours.

What are the best features of the SpinMaid?

  • Evenly polishes and cleans as it glides over your floor surface
  • Rechargeable, cordless, it will clean for up to 60 minutes or so use one charge
  • Just charge and the dual spinning heads are ready to go and to draw dirt and dust out. The mop heads do all the work so you don’t have to
  • Gentle enough for many types of flooring including laminate and wood floors
  • Ideal for those that suffer from joint disease

Get floors that are spotless and easy with Spin Maid. Just like professional products, its 200 RPMs of cordless cleaning power and double spinning heads effortlessly lift away soil and messes without scrubbing or work that is back-breaking.

Wash and shine your floor surfaces like the benefits! Those that see it initially almost all state the same principle, “Where has this one been and just why hasn’t the product been created sooner?” Professional units make use of the same technology and now have for many years. Spin Maid delivers the same function at a reasonable cost for your needs and makes polishing floors much easier. In the event that you don’t currently have a Spin Maid, you really do not your lacking. From the moment you use this rotating mop the results are going to be obvious. The full-time savings is tremendous. So many spray mops that are motorized and stick microfiber floor cleansers just don’t get the job down.